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TBC Improv Theatre

The showcase of improv comedy in Scotland!

Welcome to The TBC Improv Theatre, the home of improv comedy in Scotland! Showcasing the best improvisation performers in Scotland - in addition to welcoming top improv comedy talent from around the world - this is the thing to check out if you love improvised performance, have never seen it before and want to find out what it's all about, or just enjoy live comedy. And remember the shows are completely improvised: never witnessed before, never to be witnessed again!

Thank you Monkey Barrel Comedy for being a great home for 2 and a half. Stay tuned for more details about the future soon!

Who's on at 'The TBC Improv Theatre' Anyway?

Each performance at The TBC Improv Theatre features a mixture of performers - excellent resident groups and exciting guest, established improvisers and up-and-coming acts - so be sure to check out the show's bill to see who will be performing. Past monthly performers include:

Want to know who's on this month? Be sure to check out the shows page for this month for full details!

What is 'The TBC Improv Theatre' Anyway?

Since its inception in 2009, TBC Improv has worked tirelessly to create a home for improv in Scotland: an epicenter for those wishing to watch, perform and/or learn this exciting art form. After performing at various venues throughout the country, and watching countless more other improv groups perfroming at other venues, the time is right to focus all that talent to one location; to create a focal point where people know to go for improv comedy. This focal point is The TBC Improv Theatre.

Run by TBC Improv, the TBC Improv Theatre provides a home not just to our group but to the numerous other groups performing throughout Scotland. In addition, it provides a perfect location for visiting improvisers to perform. This is truly be a home for improv comedy in Scotland.

And for those wanting to catch some improv action - either to get that much needed improvised comedy fix or to find out what all this "making stuff up as you perform" is all about - this is the go-to place. With a focused space for improv comedy, reaching audiences for shows and workshops will become much simpler: followers of one group will know where to go to discover even more improv goodness. It's worked in London. It's thriving in New York, Chicago, Toronto and more. We're determined to make it work in Edinburgh!

Where is 'The TBC Improv Theatre' Anyway?

Details for our new home coming soon...

After starting at The Tron tavern in Edinburgh in 2015, the theatre moved across the street to Monkey Barrel Comedy in 2016. A great venue to find a diverse range of comedy (including stand-up, sketch, and theatre), improv comedy theatre fits in perfectly here, the theatre waved farewell in March 2019 for pastures new.

Who has performed at 'The TBC Improv Theatre' Anyway?

Along with the wonderfully talented TBC Improv Players, the venue has been privileged to play host to numerous talented performers and shows from Scotland and beyond, including:

How can I support 'The TBC Improv Theatre' Anyway?

The best way to support the theatre and improvisation is to come along to the many wonderful shows and workshops run throughout the year! Additionally, you can Like Us on Facebook to be kept up to date on all the fun.

There is another way though: consider making a one-off or regular donation to The TBC Improv Theatre. Your money will be used to purchase equipment, support improv groups and performers put on shows, promoting the venue, and so much more.