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Fernando Fresquez

Fernando Fresquez

Fernando hails from the toasty American town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began improv in 2003 and attended workshops and local rehearsals for a few years. To support his lovely wife Carolyn, he put his thriving career on hold and cleaned up shop, moving to Edinburgh in 2009. Living as a full-time actor hasn't been easy in Edinburgh, but luckily he has been able to keep the dream alive with work with the Edinburgh Puppet Lab and has participated in various local plays and cabarets. He is a founding member of To Be Continued… and enjoyed his first Festival show in 2010. He looks forward to the glorious world of bigger and better acting gigs which may one day lead to him living in a flat with a dishwasher!

Fernando returned to his native Albuquerque in September 2011, hoping to share his experiences of Scotland and his perfected Scottish accent. Although no longer an active member of the troupe, he shall always be a To Be Continued… member in spirit!

"a crowd favourite showing off adeptness at physical comedy and vocal sound effects" - Informed Edinburgh 2011

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