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Improv Workshop with invited teacher Maria Peters

Improv Workshop with invited teacher Maria Peters

Interested in trying out improv but don't want to commit to a full course? This half-day workshop could be for you.

TBC Improv are pleased to welcome Maria Peters from Hoopla Impro to Edinburgh, who will be teaching improv skills required for performance in an intensive improv learning day.

More About the Workshop from Maria Peters

How is it that some scenes are killer and some scenes fall flat?

A common reason is that there isn't a strong 'Game of the Scene'. Finding the 'game' is another term for finding the 'funny'. In this workshop, we'll look at several ways to distill or crystallise the hilarious or unusual thing in your scenework. Using techniques created in New York's Upright Citizen's Brigade theatre, you'll get be able to discover, explore & heighten the game getting to the core of what makes for a great scene for you and your audience.