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Improv Workshop with invited teacher James 'Lloydie' Lloyd

Improv Workshop with invited teacher James 'Lloydie' Lloyd

Interested in trying out improv but don't want to commit to a full course? This half-day workshop could be for you.

TBC Improv are pleased to welcome James 'Lloydie' Lloyd from MissImps to Edinburgh, who will be teaching general improv skills required for performance in an intensive improv learning day.

More About the Workshop from James 'Lloydie' Lloyd:

If you want to improve your scene work, the choices you make and the presence you bring to the scene, then this workshop will help you in several ways. You will learn:

  • How to use the first few moments of the scene as the foundation for everything that happens
  • How to use your own energy to help yourself and your scene partner
  • How to notice more things, recycle them and organically create your own "game" of the scene
  • How to make your scenes funnier without puns, gimmicks or gag-based comedy

In this workshop we will look at how to give those short, sharp, fun improv games more meaning. It's great when they're funny, it's magnificent when they matter.

If you care about your scene work and fancy a positive, supportive workshop with personal feedback then make sure you snap up your place.