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Improv Workshop with invited teacher Andrew Strano

Improv Workshop with invited teacher Andrew Strano

Interested in developing your improv skills but don't want to commit to a full course? This one-day workshop could be for you.

TBC Improv are excited to welcome along Andrew Strano of The Improv Conspiracy (the home of Chicago-style improv comedy in Melbourne, Australia) to teach unique and insightful improv performance skills in this intensive improv learning day.

Just a little taste of what the workshop has in store:

Do You Feel Me?!?

It doesn't matter what you feel, as long as you feel something. If you care, the audience cares. It's that simple. Sick of getting the notes "react!", "Show don't tell!" or one of the thousand others that just mean exactly the same thing? Want to learn control or subtlety if you feel like a loose cannon? Come and experiment with emotions and levels in the Annoyance style.


Encourages and equips us to get though the defensive barriers we all have by slowing down, checking in, and addressing how we feel. Teaches us to trust our instinct and follow through on it. Expect to be doing 7-10 minute scenes in which we see what’s really happening and speak to THAT. We are enough. Reality and humanness will win us over every time.

Past testimonials for Andrew:

I've never had any better instructor than Andrew Strano with his keen observation to every single student's progress and challenges, and ability to give precise advice and support totally tailored and catered specifically to each individual.

I feel like Andrew was amazing as a trainer right from the first day… Really amazing person :)

Andrew was a fantastic teacher and person. I can't think of any constructive feedback because it exceeded my expectation. Wouldn't have changed a thing.


  • No prior experience of any kind (either improv or performance) required