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Advance Improv Workshop with invited teacher Luke Sorba

Advance Improv Workshop with invited teacher Luke Sorba

Have improv experience and looking for more advance training? This workshop is for you. From The Comedy School, Luke Sorba will cover the following topics in this half-day advance improvisation class:

1. Multi-person improvisation

Most scenes are two person-scenes with maybe a third person coming on. But multi-person, when they are properly structured, can really add a richness to a stand-alone scene or to a chapter in a longer narrative.

Warm up: Follow the Mine Circle, Walk - Stop

Games: the Mingle, Instant Environments, Reminiscence, 1234.

Skills/Techniques: Split Focus, Background Play, 360 degree awareness, Secrets

2. Rhythm and Style

Different players have different tempos and a group itself has its own natural rhythm (although these can change due to many factors). Different performers, however versatile, tend to have a personal style (high status, physical, character-based, verbally gymnastic etc). This session allows the players to get to know each other’s style and rhythm better (as well as their own) and to then stretch their boundaries.

Warm Up: Clock Counting, Copy and Change

Games: Fast/Slow Switch, Impersonations, Diminishing Duration, Inverted Characteristics.

Skills/Techniques: Observation, Self-Awareness, Adaptability.

Workshop run in association with The Comedy School


  • Improv training/performance and/or acting