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Absolute Improv Workshop!

Absolute Improv Workshop!

Learn improv comedy skills in this fun five-day intensive training course. Our tutors have performed and taught for years and have studied with Keith Johnston. All levels of experienced are welcomed and catered for, from complete beginner to advanced. Our experienced tutors believe that a mix of abilities provides the best workshop.

A late-night show with the PBH Free Fringe has been booked in the EdFringe programme. If interested, all people taking the workshop will have the opportunity to perform in this show every evening.

To Be Continued… have been teaching weekly workshops and courses for 4 years at our home venue and festivals throughout the UK. The group's background experience includes more than 10 years of performance and training on the established US circuit and with Keith Johnstone.

Class Topics

  • Day 1 - Improv basics, starting scenes and improv games: In this session the basic rules to performing improv, "Yes and", questions, listening, justifying and "who, why and where" will be practiced through various exercises and the most well known improv games.
  • Day 2 - Story telling and scene ending: This session covers developing scenes through physical communication, trust, stating the obvious, establishing the truth and exploring the cave.
  • Day 3 - Status: Building on days 1 and 2, performing scenes and improv games will be developed while concentrating on player status.
  • Day 4 - Characters: This session will cover exercises to develop new characters, establishing strong characters and then the use of characters in improv scenes.
  • Day 5 - Performing Improv Scenes and advanced techniques: Environment, stage techniques and talking to the audience. Revision of everything in the workshop while practicing improv games old and new.