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Introduction to Short-Form Improv

Introduction to Short-Form Improv (102)

Edinburgh Palette (Room G5) - 18 September 2023 (6:15pm)

Learn the "Whose Line?" style of improv!

Ever since the UK television debut on 23 September 1988 of "Who's Line is it Anyway?", the short-form style of improv (consisting of short scenes combining audience suggestions, improviser talents and pre-selected rules) has become synonymous with improv comedy. Though by no means the only style of improv, it is one that TBC Improv specialises in – as seen in Absolute Improv! – and this course will teach you the techniques behind it.

Each class in the 8-week course will explore a particular genre of game: what games fall into the category, what skills they use and techniques for performing scenes within them. Become familiar with new games and reacquainted with old favourites!

This course is ideally aimed at: those with some basic improv training and wishing to expand further; those who wish to specialise in short-form improv; performers with long-form background/experience wishing to become more relaxed and familiar with short-form improv.

In addition, there will be a performance opportunity at the end of this course which students are encouraged (but not required) to try. (Note: the details of the performance will vary depending on when/where the course is run).

Class Topics

  • General improv basics (refresher)
  • Naive Games
  • Character & Scene Games
  • Restricted Games
  • Mime & Physical Games
  • Musical & Rhyming Games
  • Audience Participation Games
  • The Games List (or "How To Choose What To Play")


  • ‘Really good fun in a relaxed atmosphere. The time flies by.’
  • ‘I have never laughed so much on a Monday night. Doing short form games was so much fun, pure joy. The time flew by. It was a really safe supportive environment to have fun, play and experinent. And there are improv skills from the class that feed into real life too: trusting yourself (& those around you); listening; going with the flow and dealing with the unexpected; appearing calm and confident (even when your brain is frantically whizzing); and asserting yourself, taking up space and being heard.’
  • ‘If you want to enter the improv scene in Edinburgh, TBC Improv classes have got to be one of the best ways to do so!’

Show Details

Class runs weekly on Mondays
Start Date: 18 September 2023
End Date: 06 November 2023
Time: 6:15pm-8:45pm
Venue: Edinburgh Palette (Room G5)

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Introduction to Short-Form Improv