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Narrative Improv

Narrative Improv

Edinburgh Palette (Room G5) - Sunday 26 March 2023 (12:30pm)

'Game will make an audience laugh; character and relationships will make an audience care'

Telling stories has been part of the human experience for thousands of years; tales of heroes and villains, perilous journeys, characters coming together to overcome adversity. These stories are as enjoyable to tell as they are to watch and listen to. Yet improvisers are often told to avoid doing narrative shows with a beginning, middle and end following characters on a journey. So how do so many improv groups do these shows?

In this class we will explore some of the steps to take and pitfalls to watch out for when improvising a narrative story, including:

  • Basic narrative story structure
  • Protagonist, Antagonist and other characters
  • Balancing game, character/relationship and story focused scenes
  • Telling stories that engage an audience, with characters they will care about
  • Extra storytelling tricks to keep in our improv utility belt that we can use
  • Show Details

    Date: Sunday 26 March 2023
    Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm
    Venue: Edinburgh Palette (Room G5)

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