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Fully Committed Performance

Fully Committed Performance

Edinburgh Palette (Room G5) - Sunday 29 January 2023 (12:30pm)

The difference between a good and great performance can often be the level of commitment given by the performer. There are many reasons why we struggle with being fully committed and in-the-moment in a performance: nerves; worried that what we are doing isnt funny or good enough; fear of looking silly. In improv these fears can be heightened: we havent rehearsed this performance/actions and can only tell what works by the audiences reaction. With any performance acting, musical, comedy, drama etc what we strive for is engagement with our audience and for them to be engaged by us; to do this we must fully commit to our performance and scenes.

In this class, we will focus on committing to the improv choices we and our scene partners make: giving all our energy to the performance; having the choices be real and matter to our characters; staying within the reality of our scene. The class will cover:

  • Trust in ourselves and our scene partners choices
  • Commitment to the reality of the scene
  • Commitment to voice, physicality and space
  • Commitment to characters and relationships
  • Focusing on a strong performance rather than a quick gag

If you feel you struggle to commit when in an improv scene you drop character choices after a few seconds, constantly look for the joke at the expense of the scene and your scene partner, pay only lip-service to the reality of the scene then this is the class for you.

Show Details

Date: Sunday 29 January 2023
Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Venue: Edinburgh Palette (Room G5)

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