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Acting for the Improviser

Acting for the Improviser

Edinburgh Palette (Room G5) - Sunday 26 February 2023 (12:30pm)

'Game will make an audience laugh; character and relationships will make an audience care'

Although most improv performance is comedic in nature, the skilled improviser is closer to an actor than a stand-up comedian: they are portraying characters in a fictional story, one in which the character and situations might vary greatly from their lived experience. For improviser without formal acting training, the use of parody and caricature where a single aspect of the character becomes the focus, such as their voice or a physical trait becomes the default performance. Having an understanding and ability to act to internalise/externalise goals, to be affected by the world created in the scene allows performers to produce performances that are more fun to play and more engaging for an audience to watch.

In this class we will explore how we can use the skills and techniques of acting to portray characters in an improvised performance, the differences with scripted performance, and allowing ourselves to be surprised by the discoveries we make in the scene.

  • Creating and becoming a character
  • Committing to the reality of the scene
  • How much detail to have in your head
  • Discovering your character in the scene
  • Having our actions and words to have meaning
  • Allowing the character to be affected and changed by the scene and other characters in it
  • Become comfortable with audience engagement that isnt laughter

Show Details

Date: Sunday 26 February 2023
Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Venue: Edinburgh Palette (Room G5)

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