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Intermediate Improv

Intermediate Improv (201)

Edinburgh Palette (Room G5) - 24 April 2023 (6:30pm)

Take your improv to the next level

Introduction to Improv (101) focuses on the core skills all improvisers must have and employ in order to create spontaneous performances. Following on from this, Intermediate Improv (201) will help students continue on their improv journey by further honing these improvisation skills and learn how to utilise them in the creation of the backbone of our craft: scene-work.

Students will learn - through support, listening, character, physicality and more - how to create scenes that are as enjoyable to perform in as they are engaging to watch. The course will explore how improv performers go about creating scenes on the spot, including: what details help to create a believable reality; understanding why the scene "exists"; how to create rewarding comedy scenes that are worthy of the expression "you had to be there!".

Further, the class will prepare you for performance and avail you the opportunity to meet other talented improvisers in the local area - who knows, maybe you'll find comedy partners in crime and form a troupe!

Class Topics

  • Base Reality - the context of the scene (the who/what/where/why)
  • Relationships - who are the people in the scene and why the audience should care about them
  • "The Game" of the Scene (aka the "funny" in a comedy scene) - what it is, how to recognise it and how to play it


  • Introduction to Improv (or proof of equivalent)

Show Details

Class runs weekly on Mondays
Start Date: 24 April 2023
End Date: 12 June 2023
Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm
Venue: Edinburgh Palette (Room G5)

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Intermediate Improv