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TBC Improv About

TBC Improv (formally To Be Continued…) is an improvisational comedy theatre company, performing and teaching short/long-form style improv. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, TBC Improv perform, teach and spread the good word of the noble art of spontaneous improvised comedic performance throughout Scotland (including Glasgow, St Andrews and the Isle of Arran) and beyond (Prague, Oxford and Buxton to name but a few)!

Mission Statement

Since its inception, the company has had three main goals:

To perform the improvised comedy we love so much

To share that love of the improvised comedy form

To help cultivate an improv scene in Scotland where numerous groups can perform and teach improv comedy regularly

The TBC Improv Players

At TBC Improv, we're extremely lucky to have some of the best improv talent in Scotland forming our core improv troupe: The TBC Improv Players!

Peter Aitchison Paul Connolly Mara Joy Gregor Davidson Nicola Dove Caroline Mathison Will Naameh Raymond Considine Jenny Laahs

The TBC Improv Shows

Find out more about the improv comedy shows TBC Improv perform, such as:

Absolute Improv The Improv Living Room Absolute Improv Musical Absolute Improv Graduates

The TBC Improv Workshops

Find out more about the improv training course and workshops oragainsed and run by TBC Improv including:

Introduction To Improv Introduction To Short-Form Improv Introduction To Long-Form Improv Drop-in Improv Workshop


In the latter half of 2009, Lauren Berning, Fernando Fresquez and Sacha Timaeus arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. They each had hoped to become active in the Edinburgh improv scene, but finding little existed already, they soon set out to establish an improv comedy troupe of their very own: To Be Continued…! Starting workshops to entice other potential performers, their first inaugural show was held at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar in Edinburgh on 10th December 2009; a competition style show featuring members of the workshops as guest performers...


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