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TBC Improv Workshops - Directing Project: Terpsichore - All Female Identifying Physical Theater Production (with Lindsay Gonzales)

Edinburgh Palette - The Photography Studio | Sunday 15 September 2019 | 11:00am-4:00pm


"Terpsichore" is an improvised storytelling theatre piece in movement, dance, music and spoken word. The format is simple enough and focuses on actors breaking the 4th wall to tell captivating tales supported by their cast who operate as one entity like a Greek chorus to support the action of the story. Through dance, movement, co-creation and support, the cast weaves narratives that transport the audience to different times and places and blend fiction and non-fiction together in a heady phamtasmagoria of sound, movement and speech.

The workshop for this project itself is a crash course through decades worth of research, interdisciplinary study and artistic exploration. In a few hours, the performers will learn a shared vocabulary of group mind, movement, storytelling, dance, musicality and mime and object work to create something truly awe inspiring that will open up their creative centres and let them radiate as performers. The exercises involve mime, dance and movement, narration and storytelling, singing and vocal support, responsibly respectful contact improv, use of the environment and space, concrete and abstract deconstruction, points of inspiration and above all else support of fellow castmates and celebrating mistakes through repetition and support and elevating ideas until the whole piece becomes a matrix of unified thought. "Terpsichore" is designed to break the mould of what improvised theatre is expected to be, even from within the improv community. It urges performers to stand outside of themselves and their perceived limitations and co-create something truly extraordinary using skills they didn't even know they possessed before the process began.

Additional Details

Female Identifying Class

About Lindsay Gonzales

Lindsay Gonzales is a stand-up comedienne and improvisor lately of Chicago, Illinois. Currently living and performing in Madrid, she also spent several years in Boston, where performed with the ImprovBoston Family Show and co-produced and hosted The Open Comedy Jam and Nightcap at IB for over five years. She has performed at theatres and clubs all over London, Chicago and Boston has also performed and taught workshops in many countries including England, France, Spain, Canada and Puerto Rico. Lindsay has performed in festivals such as Impro Mundial Chile, The Women In Comedy Festival, Geek Week, The Boston Improv Festival, The Copenhagen International Improv Festival, Madison Lady Laughs, Chicago Women’s Funny Fest and the Chicago Improv Festival. She also has several one woman shows, and she took her first one woman show "M.P.H.: A Comedy Compendium" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013 and is currently touring her solo improv show, "Dance, Monkey!" at improv festivals across Europe.

Workshop Details and Booking

Date: Sunday 15 September 2019

Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Price: £15

Edinburgh Palette - The Photography Studio, Edinburgh (map)

Workshop Concluded

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