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Keith Saltojanes

Keith Saltojanes

Visiting from Los Angeles, California, Keith Saltojanes has been improvising for over a decade and has been a part of every major improv theater in the United States including UCB, ImprovOlympic West, Second City, The Groundlings, The Annoyance, and also the Founder and Head Instructor of his own school, Improv-LA. Keith extensively studied with Del Close's "Warchief" and member of the seminal improv group The Family, Miles Stroth, who he performed with for over a year. In addition to recently sharing his lessons in Japan, Thailand, and China, Keith also holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Improv Show at 150 hours. He's been on a number of TV shows, his most favorite being "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Don't tell Los Angeles, but Keith has a love affair with traveling overseas and is more than excited to work with some local comedians!

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