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Advanced Short-Form Improv

Advanced Short-Form Improv (302)

Create your own Short-Form Improv Show

This course will be the culmination of 102 and 202 by teaching the students how to put on their own short-form improv show that they can perform and tour. The teacher will act as a guide to the class to help them to build up their own show the way an improv group does. The format developed will be specific to the class, though students will have in their toolkit the knowledge, experience and training to develop their own short-form shows outside of class.

By the end of this course students will have their own short-form improv show that they will be comfortable as a team to put on themselves: host, introduce, ask for offers, perform. Students will have a strong understanding of what games they want to play and how they wish to play them. In addition, students will also be able to develop their own short-form improv shows with other groups.


  • Advanced Improv (301) or Intermediate Short-Form Improv (202) (or proof of equivalent)

Class Topics

  • Creating your own Games and Variants
  • Finding the Group’s Style (Hosting/Scene Work/Game Choices)
  • Finding the Group’s Voice
  • Creating the right Games List (and multiple variants)
  • Rehearsals