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TBC Improv About - Improv Wins!

The improvised show that started it all…

The year was 2010 when a fledgling improv troupe (comprising of Lauren Berning, Fernando Fresquez and Sacha Timaeus), joined by guest performers from their workshops, made a splash on the Edinburgh improv scene with Improv Wins!.

A selection of short improv games bookended the main centerpiece of the show: To Be Continued. This mini-play saw the performers get 3 items from the audience which would play a pivotal role in three, completely separate scenes: one set in the past, one in the present and one in the furture. After performing those scenes, the players would then go back to the end of the past scene to show the events leading to the present scene, before jumping to the end of the present scene and joining that to the future scene.

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