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TBC Improv About - Caroline Mathison
TBC Improv Player (2011-present)

Caroline is a professional actor and performer based in Edinburgh. After completing actor training in London, she returned to Scotland in 2010, where recent stage work includes productions with Theatre Found and The Actors Kitchen.

Caroline started performing from an early age, to combat shyness and cheat her alternative destiny as a mediocre introspective poet. Her performance experience, along with her background in making it up as she goes along, made improv-land an inevitable destination. (She still does the bad poetry thing in secret.)

Improv has allowed Caroline to play some of her all-time favourite parts including Roller-skating Sausage and Mafia Ogress 2. Literally, dream roles.

Caroline is delighted to join To Be Continued in their quest towards the unknown but imaginable.

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