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TBC Improv About - Jenny Laahs
TBC Improv Player (2018-present)

Jenny is a musician of many guises. Her first musical love was the piano, which she learnt while growing up in her hometown of Linlithgow, alongside the trumpet. Over the years she has accumulated ownership of an impractical number of instruments, including ukuleles, a harp, a viola, guitars, keyboards, and a Ghanaian drum. Some of them she can even play a bit too! After four long years reading a Biochemistry degree, Jenny decided that actually she didn’t want to be a research scientist after all, and instead trained as a music therapist on the MSc course at Queen Margaret University. Her life is now filled to the brim with music and she couldn’t be happier for it.

Jenny came across the improv comedy scene in 2016 when her flatmate was recruited to play violin for the Spontaneous Players. Soon after, she began playing piano for them too, and was immediately hooked. She now plays for as many different groups as she can worm her way into, but luckily no one has let her actually get onto the stage herself (she’s not very funny). When not playing for improv shows, Jenny can be found jumping around on stage with her trumpet in her funk band Late Night Pizza, or working hard on her solo songwriting project, Pinlight, for which a debut album will be released in 2019.

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